Friday, December 5, 2014

How to Play Blues Guitar Licks - A Comprehensive Review of Peter Morales' Blues Jam Session Package

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have recently come across a system that not only teaches you how to play guitar, but specifically, blues guitar licks. This is my own review of that system which is called Blues Jam Session.

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Peter Morales, Florida-USA

Occupation: Professional Guitar Instructor


Who put it together?

First of all, Blues Jam Session has a very passionate, dedicated and experienced owner. Professional guitar instructor, Peter Morales, has put in many hours of effort in creating what I call the "Ultimate Blues Guitar Package". It consists of 60 blues backing tracks in every style with video lessons and improvisation guides.

I think this is extremely important because you may have heard plenty of midi-sounding free jam tracks on other sites that are pretty low quality. Some were downright cheesy sounding while others do not come with video lessons or instructions (scales, chords, tips, etc). You know what I mean if you've paid for those lousy tracks in the past.

Well fortunately, these flaws and mistakes can hardly be seen in BluesJamSession.

What does it consist of?

* Over 60 blues backing tracks in every tempo and styles.
* Video lessons, guides, chords and scale sheets
* Step by step instructions guiding you how to improvise
* Great for both electric, acoustic guitar and even wind instruments

The Pros

In my opinion, it doesn't matter at all if you’re beginner who is not proficient in improvisation, as Peter Morales has provided tons of tutorials to guide you along. The instructions are clear and concise, they are straightforward and extremely easy to follow. Even a complete beginner is able to master improvisations and techniques within minutes by following the videos!

Furthermore, the jam tracks cover a wide range of genres, styles, tempo and length for all musicians. Even if you play wind instruments, this package would be suitable for you. Another thing worthwhile mentioning is that they have very good customer support; when I say ‘good’, I mean they are able to reply to all your questions within minutes to an hour with a high degree of politeness and efficiency.

The Cons

Being a comprehensive system there is a lot to digest and it's certainly not something you will get through in a few days. There is a degree of information overload and you will have to pace yourself and follow the system as recommended otherwise it could be overwhelming.

Also the members area has some very large downloads and certain files may take you longer time to complete due to their sizes. However, this is completely understandable as the tracks are very high quality. You can opt for the 2 CD physical edition in the members area which alleviates this problem.


Is Blues Jam Session a worthwhile investment? Honestly, I haven’t seen any other music tuition package that is as comprehensive and that's available at such a low price. Have you?

The quality of the jam tracks and videos are probably among the best that I've seen… and yes, I have nearly missed out one of the most important parts- the variety of the tracks. Speaking the truth, for every single style of blues they have actually prepared several different tempos/lengths. 

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I want to learn how to play blues guitar...the right way

Okay, so you've chosen the guitar as the instrument you want to play. You already know a few basics but want to focus on learning how to play the blues. It all looks easy enough, just a few basic chords and some slide here and there. Well, maybe not quite that simple. Every genre of music has its own little idiosyncrasies, and knowing the essentials is what's vital and important when learning to play an instrument.

So, to play the blues you wouldn't be looking for your average "how to play guitar" program, course or system. You want something that will not only teach you how to play guitar, but aim specifically at playing the blues. Many guitar legends will say that they were self taught and just picked it up as they went along. Well, this may be true, but the novice will find they will acquire the necessary skills by learning it from scratch and doing things the correct way. Being over confident is not a good thing as you may skip over certain elements and strategies that are needed in order to master your playing. It may seem tedious at first, but learn the (important) small stuff and the rest will come naturally.

So what you are then looking for is a comprehensive program that will do this for you and one that is reputable and presented by a professional who knows what they are talking about. In my next blog post I will review in detail one such system that I have come across that does what it says it will do.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Can I learn to play a musical instrument? A starting point.

Learning to play a musical instrument can be either a daunting challenge or a real buzz! Once you have decided what instrument you would like to play, you have to then think about how you intend to take the first steps and master the basics

Do you:
a) find a good teacher and pay for tuition?
b) approach an accomplished musician who is willing to give you one on one lessons? 
c) how about trying to teach yourself in your own time using books, videos and whatever other resources are available? 

It comes down to how serious you are about learning your chosen instrument and how much of your valuable time and money you are willing to invest. The choice will be different for the individual depending on their circumstances. The important thing to remember, especially if you are serious about it, is that once you have committed yourself, stay with it, and, when you have attained a good confidence level, take it further and become a master at it. It's all about setting a goal for yourself and having that passionate drive to make it happen.