Monday, December 1, 2014

Can I learn to play a musical instrument? A starting point.

Learning to play a musical instrument can be either a daunting challenge or a real buzz! Once you have decided what instrument you would like to play, you have to then think about how you intend to take the first steps and master the basics

Do you:
a) find a good teacher and pay for tuition?
b) approach an accomplished musician who is willing to give you one on one lessons? 
c) how about trying to teach yourself in your own time using books, videos and whatever other resources are available? 

It comes down to how serious you are about learning your chosen instrument and how much of your valuable time and money you are willing to invest. The choice will be different for the individual depending on their circumstances. The important thing to remember, especially if you are serious about it, is that once you have committed yourself, stay with it, and, when you have attained a good confidence level, take it further and become a master at it. It's all about setting a goal for yourself and having that passionate drive to make it happen.

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